SingularityPRO 4.0.2-1 Preview Release

A preview release of the SingularityPRO 4 series, SingularityPRO 4.0.2-1, is now available via the SingularityPRO repositories.

As a preview release, SingularityPRO 4.0.x packages are intended to allow customers to test the new features of Singularity 4 prior to the full availability of SingularityPRO 4.1 in Q1 2024. 

Singularity 4 brings enhancements to OCI compatibility, via a new OCI-mode and OCI-SIF image format. See the SingularityCE documentation for a summary of new features and changes:

Please note that:

SingularityPRO 4.0 is not a long-term supported version of SingularityPRO. Best-effort support will be provided only until the release of SingularityPRO 4.1 in Q1 2024.

SingularityPRO 4.0 is not intended for production deployment.

Installation / Upgrade

The SingularityPRO 4.0 preview is available for AMD64 systems running EL 7 / 8 / 9, SLES 15, Ubuntu 20.04 / 22.04. Additional platforms will be covered by the full PRO 4.1 release at a later date.

In order to use the SingularityPRO 4.0 OCI-mode on EL and SLES systems, installation of an additional / updated squashfs-tools[-ng] dependency is required. Please refer to the relevant instructions for your distribution. Prior to the release of SingularityPRO 4.1, this dependency will be made available through EPEL and the Sylabs repositories directly.

The SingularityPRO 4.0 preview is available via singularitypro40 / singularitypro40-opt / singularitypro40-cmlocal packages in the usual customer RPM / Deb repositories detailed at:<customer-id>

Find your personalized link including the customer-id in your original customer welcome email.


Please refer to the SingularityCE 4.0 documentation when using the preview release:


If you have any questions about this preview release, or require assistance with installation or upgrades please contact your reseller or Sylabs support via

PDF Documentation, FAQs, and access to the support ticketing system is also available on the web at